Greg Campbell D.D.S.

Greg Campbell, D.D.S. is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert on Integrating CAD/CAM dentistry into offices and is frequently sought out by industry leaders to lecture about Digital Dentistry. Dr. Campbell is highly entertaining and has a great understanding of CAD/CAM technology. He trains other dentists how to use this technology and is a certified advanced and basic CEREC trainer. Dr. Campbell is also an industry leader in Computer Guided Implant Surgery.

Dr. Campbell is a Beta tester for Ivoclar Vivadent, Sirona Dental, Vita and Meisinger and Sweden & Martina, and has authored two manuals on CAD/CAM dentistry. Dr. Campbell is also a Key Opinion leader for Kuraray America. Dr. Campbell has developed Twist Polishing kits for all materials we use in our practices.

Dr. Campbell graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in Los Angeles, California and completed advanced training in Cosmetic Dentistry at UCLA.

In addition to speaking and teaching about this great technology, Dr. Campbell maintains a private practice in Long Beach, California

Implant 101: Soup to Nuts, The Digital Flow

Lecture Time

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Target Audience

Digital technicians and clinicians who want to grow their implant and material experience via implant restorations.  


The growing implant market is a significant opportunity for digital technicians and clinicians. Restoring single dental implants can become routine and profitable when treatment planned correctly and understanding differences between screw-retained or cement-retained restorations. The choice of abutment design and compatibility between systems can also often be confusing so learn how to select the right abutment for the patient needs and address soft-tissue concerns, emergence profile, implant axis angulation, and esthetic needs through a digital workflow. Also significant is available materials that absorb energy to reduce stress loads for long-term implant restorative success and/or provide needed esthetics. The value proposition of same-day dentistry is also within reach for both lab and clinician and can play an important growth role in increasing profit by offering this value-added service.

Learning Outcomes

  • Maximizing the use of digital technology to anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Treatment planning for the ideal implant restorative design and outcome.
  • Selecting the right prosthetic components and material for the specific patient.
  • Shade Selection the digital way.