Dr. Jason Rolland


Dr. Rolland currently serves as the Vice President of Materials Development at Carbon, Inc. a revolutionary digital manufacturing company seeking to disrupt the way polymeric products are designed, made, and delivered. His areas of expertise include: polymer synthesis and characterization; photopolymers; fluoropolymers; surface chemistry; nanofabrication; microfluidics; point-of-care diagnostics; drug delivery; roll-to-roll processing; and entrepreneurship. His team pioneered the development of dual-cure materials for additive manufacturing which enables the production of parts possessing the requisite properties for high-performance applications in the areas of footwear, protective cushioning, automotive, consumer products, dental, medical, and many others.

Prior to his role at Carbon, Dr. Rolland served as Co-founder and Director of R&D at Liquidia Technologies, a startup in Research Triangle Park, NC. Dr. Rolland is a co-inventor of the PRINT® platform, a novel technique for the fabrication of engineered nanoparticles with controlled size, shape, and chemistry. While at Liquidia, he led numerous multi-disciplinary projects including: the fabrication of solvent-compatible microfluidics; large-scale reel to reel fabrication of nanoparticles; and the development of novel vectors for drug delivery. Liquidia announced an IPO on the Nasdaq in July of 2018. 

Dr. Rolland has a B.S. in Chemistry from Virginia Tech and a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the author of 24 publications, 2 book chapters, and over 60 current and pending patents. His work has been featured in Science magazine and Chemical and Engineering News. 

Dr. Rolland has received the National Starch & Chemical Company Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Chemistry (2007), The SLAS innovation award (2014), and the Kathryn C. Hach Award for Entrepreneurial Success (2014). 

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