Domenico Cascione MDT. BS.


Domenico Cascione MDT. BS. started his primary education in Bari, Italy where he started as a certified Dental Technologist, and carried out his research in Metallurgy. He became a Master Ceramist before owning his own Dental Laboratory in Bari, Italy in 1986.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science of  Dental Technology from the University of Southern Illinois in 2005. Later became the Research/Program Director of Advanced Training for Dental Technology, and Course Director of Advanced Dental Morphology at the University of Southern California, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry (USC). 

He is now a lead faculty member at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Division of Health Science at Pasadena City College as well as a Faculty/Lecturer at the UCLA School of Dentistry division of Advanced Prosthodontics. 

Currently he is the Editor in Chief for the Spectrum Dialogue Magazine as well as the President of Operart LLC Dental Laboratory in Santa Monica, CA. His book Symbiosis: Art & technique, as well as several literatures. 

An Award winner of 2007 Judson C Hichey Award for his Journal in Prosthetic Dentistry. 

Implant Modern Dentistry: Art & CAD/CAM Technology

Lecture Time

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM 


Treatment planning for full mouth implant restoration is the key of the success of communication between dental technician and dentist. CAD/CAM technology in implant dentistry has grown exponentially in recent years. With an inexhaustible supply of frameworks, designs, and materials, there are no real guidelines as to the appropriate selection and design of the framework foundation and supported tooth forms. This presentation will provide a decision tree and a new classification system for CAD/CAM framework and abutments selection according to case specific indications.

Learning Outcomes

  • The ultimate goal is to deliver a long-term and clinically successful prosthesis with regards to Esthetics, form, and function.
  • Using simplified, digital workflow with a digital impression ,Cad Design and collaboration with a Milling center for Cam procedures.
  • Team Work in Implant Modern Dentistry.