Dr. Jaemin Lee

 Since 2015, Dr. Jaemin Lee has been working on applying digital workflow and various solutions at his clinic, generating his own perspective on digital dentistry. Today, with the increasing development of new digital dental equipments out in the market, the workflow that comes with these new high-tech equipments is introduced to both dentists and dental technicians. In this session, Dr. Lee will share his perspective and knowledge from his experience in implant restoration treatment using TruAbutment solutions and digital technology. 

The Power & Process of a Digitally Implemented Treatment

Lecture Time

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


With more than 5 years of hands-on experience Dr. Jaemin Lee has seen all types of situation you can imagine throughout his career operating his clinical in-house lab. As our industry is evolving drastically toward a new digital era, Dr. Lee will share his advice on how to build and execute a more effective communication channel between lab technicians and clinics. Communication is the key, along with a clear approach and plan for handling implant treatment, only utilizing digital workflow. He believes a full digital workflow that is simple and effective is possible and has a guideline on how technicians and clinicians could both improve on to work together better model free. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Past 5 years of experience in inhouse digital workflow with dental implants, from planning to final restoration. 
  • Creating informative communication channel between dental laboratory and clinic and its best incorporation with simplified inhouse digital dentistry setup. 
  • Simplified workflow in full mouth rehabilitation: What should dental office do, and what should lab do.
  • Communication difficulties, what to emphasize and what to detail.